The Scrum Team Member

December 12, 2006

People often walk up to me on the street and ask, “Michael, what are the characteristics you look for when screening candidates for Scrum teams?”

I typically answer, “Son, I can’t tell you. You know damn well that’s a trade secret.”

Simply put, Scrum is not for everyone, and some people work better in Scrum teams than others. There’s no substitute for natural engineering talent and creativity, but some people with impressive resumes and job histories don’t add as much to Scrum teams as you’d expect. Others who don’t shine in a traditional job interview turn out to be the catalyst who can double whole team productivity. If you think you might be one of those people, then definitely drop me a line.


2 Responses to “The Scrum Team Member”

  1. Gar Says:

    Oh my gosh… you removed my last post because I pointed out that you had colorful language and wasn’t becoming of a company selling services to the public.

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