humorous video about Scrum from one of our clients

January 22, 2007

These guys were doing Scrum long before we got involved with them.

Scrum is about replacing micromanagement with self-organizing teams held responsible for monthly commitments in close communication with actual users. The Scrum teams build real product increments starting with month 1 — analysis and design are done continuously through an inspect and adapt feedback loop, not all up front (in a vacuum) as we used to think best. Schedule and scope commitments are made based on empirically-observed velocity instead of shooting in the dark and beating people up.

Team self organization is fun. It leads to informal conversations instead of formal memos about TPS reports. Uptight people and control freaks may have a hard time grasping why a hyperproductive team needs to be having as much fun as these guys on the video at High Moon Studios. What should we tell these people?

The sun is setting on micromanagement and boring mediocrity it leads to. Welcome to the era of the knowledge worker, the artist who is in all of us. Ask yourself, are you one of the people contributing to an atmosphere of fun and creativity? Or are you a conformity enforcer?


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