0-60 in Sprint #1 — a recipe for frustration

January 24, 2007

Someone wrote to me about her team’s frustration over “failing” their first Sprint. Her team got the impression they have to do all the Agile engineering practices (Test-Driven Development, continuous integration, refactoring, etc.) right off the bat, and couldn’t complete the one PBI they took on.

Scrum trainers like to remind people:
1) It’s common for a team to botch their first couple Sprints.

2) Improving engineering practices is an incremental process, just like building products is. Going from traditional practices to full-blown TDD in one Sprint is like trying to get your car moving in fifth gear. Somewhere I read it takes 9 months to get a team competent at XP. I think that’s an exaggeration, but two weeks clearly isn’t enough time, even with someone on the team who has done this before.

Point #2 is where YOU come in. If you are good at Agile engineering practices and love mentoring people, you belong with us at Danube. It also helps if you can share your sense of perspective and humor on what we label “failure” with teams that are struggling to be their best. Drop me a line!



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