CSM in the EU – breaking my mental barrier

February 9, 2007

I’ve been trying to plan this European Scrum tour and I just keep hitting these self-imposed roadblocks! All of our modern technology and the internet have narrowed the once-gaping distance across oceans, but somehow that just makes everything seem more intimidating… I’m not really sure where to start on getting the word out. I’ve been meaning to join some groups (maybe on meetup.com or something) but I don’t want to be invasive. Yes, I’m selling something, but I’m really not doing it because of the selling. It’s because I believe in what we have to offer and I think that everyone should embrace Scrum (it’s very evangelistic, I know). I usually use a lot of CraigsList (which is one of my all-time favorite personal and business reference tools) doesn’t appear to be as widely used in the European cities that I’ve searched. I’m a little confused by international phone numbers (and I think that our database is too), so a lot of our current customers can’t be filtered by area code the way that our domestic customers can be. I’m sure that it’ll all come along fine, but I’m frustrated by my own lack of knowledge and direction… Ack!



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