For Better or Worse…

February 13, 2007

In mid-December, I found myself complaining to a colleague about my relationship with my husband. Specifically, I was upset that writing a mass holiday letter and sending cards had become my job even though it was initially my husband’s idea. Couldn’t he at least chip in since he’s the one that wanted it to happen?! My colleague put me in my place by pointing out the Scrum mentality in my relationship. My husband wrote the backlog item, we both agreed that it should go into the pre-holiday sprint, and (somewhere along the way) I took the task as my own by stating that I would start writing the letter. As my colleague says, once you take the task, it’s yours forever. Funny thing… That same colleague is having flowers sent to his wife’s work for Valentine’s Day tomorrow. I guess he’ll be doing that every year from here on out! We ought to have thought about the commitments before we took the tasks!!

– Tommi


One Response to “For Better or Worse…”

  1. The way I see it, the whole team owns all the tasks, even if one person volunteers to be point person.


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