iCal + AppleScript + SkypeOut = Conferences That Call YOU

June 10, 2007

Since Danube consultants travel for a living, we do our daily Scrums via conference call. Doing them in person is way better, but doing them via telephone is better than not doing them. I try to structure my gigs so that I’m available for the call, which is held at the same time every day, at the same “place” (our conference calling center).

In less than 20 lines of code, the Mac can three-way call my cell phone and the conference call center at the usual time each day. The cool thing about this is I don’t have to be anywhere near my computer for it to work. It could be made to call everyone, so no one has to remember to dial in. But that might be obnoxious.

It also sets iChat (and GoogleTalk) status to busy during the call.

This is my first shot at AppleScript so shouldn’t be used as model code!


Who needs cron? Here’s how you can set up iCal to invoke your own scripts at the scheduled time:
iCal entry to call AppleScript



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